Where To Eat in Hua Hin

If you are an avid foodie, Hua Hin will be heavenly for you. While you travel the streets of this resort town, you will find several restaurants and street food joints at each corner. All of these shops introduce you to the flavorsome seafood of Hua Hin. Here is a list of some of the best restaurants around Hua Hin which offers you tantalizing delicacies that you will never forget!

First Choice Suites Group  Where To Eat 3 First Choice Suites Hua Hin Service Apartments
First Choice Suites Group  Where To Eat First Choice Suites Hua Hin Service Apartments
First Choice Suites Group  Where To Eat 2 First Choice Suites Hua Hin Service Apartments

Chaolay Seafood - The restaurant is strategically located near the famous Hua Hin Beach. Savor their Steamed Squid and Grilled Scallop when you visit this diner famous for its sea food. The restaurant comes with a relaxing ambience and fast service which makes it a comfortable eating experience.

• Railway Restaurant - A colonial ambience blended with world-class wine and dine, this restaurant perched on top of the Night Market, comes with a bird's view of the main road. Find yourself welcomed and served like royalty at this mesmerizing diner which is renowned for its Theme Nights and delectable menu!

Let's Sea - This beach-front dining destination combines local and global flavors for an unique and appetizing experience. This al frescorestaurant has an artistic aura about it and cushions you with a hypnotizing view and impressive and palatable food.

Andreas Italian Restaurant and Grill - This restaurant is right outside Bluport Mall and showcases a huge collection of classic wine and seafood platters. Prawns, lobsters, squid, scallop - name it and you have it on your plate. Enjoy the tranquil ambience and delicious cuisines served with love.

Air Space Hua Hin - Savor the most aromatic coffee and wholesome breakfast at Air Space. This luxuriant yet cosy restaurant has a rustic feel and is perfect for a get together with friends. Sip onto their delicious beverages and don't forget the caffeine kick.