What To Do In Hua Hin

One of the eight districts of Prachuap Khiri Khan Province, Hua Hin is a beach town located in Thailand's Malay Peninsula. This beach town experiences the Tropical Savanna climate which makes the area particularly warm. Hua Hin is considered to be a fashionable yet traditional retreat especially for people in Bangkok.

The Thai influence is undeniable in this resort town which was transformed from a fishing village to a regal resort by King Prajadhipok. Hua Hin is the perfect way to unwind from your monotonous lifestyle. Local cuisine, the sea breeze and breathtaking scenic points make this the place for the ideal vacation experience.

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Hua Hin has a picturesque landscape with mountains and seas enwrapping the region. If you are interested in a holiday which involves mountain climbing, water sports and exploration of natural sanctuaries, Hua Hin will serve you all of it - with love. The ultimate destination for beach lovers, Hua Hin offers some of the cleanest and family-friendly beaches encircled with lounging areas and attractive restaurants. Relax and sunbathe in the beautiful beaches where you can also participate in beach activities and water sports.

The gourmet expert in you should dive into some of the specialties here. Authentic Thai cuisine consists of sea food such as blue crab, tiger prawns, shrimp soup, roasted snails, oyster pancakes and the list goes on! Visit some of the venerated restaurants in Hua Hin and revel in the local ambience and devour some of the palatable cuisines.